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…skills for wondering with…



Web Projects

Have a story to tell? We craft effective, concise, snappy, elegant,  attractive, and informative websites.







Storytelling through cartography, images, graphic design, documentation through photography, immersion through pictures






We put words together. With over 50 articles, maps, reports, and posters published in several countries, we’re well equipped to help you develop and share your own story.




Citizen Science

Citizen Science

Collaborative techniques for documentation and science






Documentation, ecology, education, and photography in the treetops




Ecology & Interpretation

Ecology & Interpretation

Studying the natural world: wild forest treetops, Asian megacities, subterranean caverns



We’ve worked in …

Outreach Ecology has international experience producing publishable, inspiring, top-notch output. We’re online on the web and always seeking to make new contacts.

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  • Rural Lands 68%%
  • Urban Spaces 89%%
  • The Microscopic World 91%%
  • Mountain Ranges 93%%
  • Limestone Caves 94%%
  • The Forest Treetops 97%%

YD Bar-Ness

We’ve worked with…

Outreach Ecology has worked with business, government, and non-governmental organisations to produce inspiring projects. Join us –  help build a network!

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portfolio items online



We’ve published material in several countries on topics ranging from the largest trees in the world to historical mapmaking to granite boulders to electricity. You can download any of our portfolio items.

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Let's work together

You can download projects, reports, media, articles, and research from Outreach Ecology.

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