Yoav Daniel Bar-Ness

Tel:+61 468 360 320
Location:Sandy Bay, Hobart, Tasmania


US-India Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship Delhi, India
Student Scholar 2007-10 Botanical study history across India. 26,000 km+ travelled across entire country, from high Himalaya to mangrove swamps to giant urban sprawls to tropical rainforests. Collaborations with tourism, government, media, and environmental organisations: World Wildlife Fund, Indian National Trust Arts & Cultural Heritage, US Educational Foundation in India. Cross-cultural contact: Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Jain, Parsee, Sikh, Christian. Pioneering mapmaking, narrative, and public documentation of heritage trees of India.

Geography & Environmental Studies, University of Tasmania Hobart, Australia
Masters of Environmental Studies 2005 Crown Structure and Canopy Arthropods of Eucalyptus obliqua

College of Forest Resources, University of Washington Seattle, USA
Bachelor of Science in Forest Resources (Wildlife Science) 2001 With minor degrees in Botany, Quantitative Sciences, and Conservation of Wildland Resources

Wilderness Medicine Institute Oregon, USA
Wilderness First Responder 2006 Professional certification

Landour Language School Landour, India
Critical Language Enhancement Scholarship 2007 Hindi language skills

Industrial Rope Access Trade Association Perth, Australia
Industrial Rope Technician 2010 Professional certification


Giant Tree Expeditions
Founder, Guide 2019 First specialist giant-tree tourism operator in Tasmania. Accredited Tourism Business. Member Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania. Ecostar accredited.

Tasmanian Geographic
Founder and Editor, 2012 – ongoing Editorial and design at Tasmanian Geographic publishing 150+ memoir narratives, documentary pieces, projects, historical tidbits, and photo galleries. A strategic platform with which to explore old maps, wondrous organisms, local curiosities, and unexpected angles to Tasmania. Collaborative community project with dozens of contributors and 180+ stories over 45 issues.

Asian Geographic Magazine
Field Editor & Regular Contributor 2012 – ongoing Regular contributor and additional honorary position at award-winning Asian Geographic Magazine, Singapore. 50+ non-fiction stories on wide-ranging subjects: the cartographers’ mythical Terra Australia; the Sumerian legend of Gilgamesh, landscapes of salt; avalanches and landslides; witness A-bomb survivor trees of Hiroshima; geology of India; the world’s broadest trees; the legend of the Monkey King across India and China; and many more.

Huon Valley/Geeveston Town Hall
Giant Tree Intepretation Design 2017 Tourist information, marketing and engagement focused on the globally significant trees of the Huon Valley. Interpretation panels on forest ecology, tourist history, visitor facilities, and notable natural landmarks. Initial scouting of a Giant Tree Adventure Trail.

Expedition Class - Treehouse Challenge
Treeclimber/ Outreach Scientist 2017 Expeditioneer, scientist, technical treeclimber, multimedia content assistance for the Bookend Trust’s successful primary school education program. On-camera interpretation of wild areas, site selection, health & safety. Online curriculum and discussion boards connecting with thousands of students in classrooms across Tasmania.

Warra Long Term Ecological Research Site
Web Designer 2017 Web site rebuild and content creation

Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (University of Tasmania)
Technician 2015 Technician for Auscover research project

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens
Project Designer 2013-14 Online “Plant Hunter” portal: Augmented reality “tree trail” educational project via Inspiring Australia : video media, mapmaking, graphic design, print publishing, photo library, career pathways, international literacy.

Warra Long Term Ecological Research Site (Australian National University - Botany)
Technician 2013 Contract in support of Australian National University botanical project. Via Forest Contracting Services (Tasmania): Forest ecology field work at Warra Long Term Research Site, Tasmania. Tall Sclerophyll forest botanical work. Fieldwork on long term chronosequence project.

University of Tasmania
IT Technician 2013-17 Technical troubleshooting via telephone, in person, screenshare, chat email, and via ticketing systems. Documentation and process refinement. At UTAS IT Resources, UTAS Library, Menzies Research Institute, and Hobart CBD Medical Science Precinct

Asialink (University of Melbourne)
Asian Literacy Ambassador 2013 Volunteer position with the University of Melbourne Asian Education Foundation. Educational outreach to school children about the Asian continent.

World Expeditions
Senior Guide 2012-13 Trekking guide on Western Australia’s long distance Bibbulmun Track. Logistics, safety, transport, local stories, natural history, photography lessons, camp cooking. Dry jarrah forests, karri forests, ancient tingle forests, ascent of Bluff Knoll in the Stirling Mountains.

Curtin Institute for Biodiversity & Climate
Research Associate 2012 Curtin University Perth, Western Australia. Biogeography field work conducted on granite domes and on the Valley of the Giants canopy walkway in the tingle forests.

Vertical Services
Rope Access Technician 2011 Rope access in industrial settings

Bennelongia Environmental Consultancy
Biologist 2010 Laboratory zoology surveying underground animal biodiversity (troglofauna and stygofauna). Perth, West Australia

The Nature Conservancy
Forest Scientist 2007 Biological Refugia Survey Ellsworth Creek Preserve: Setup of research project surveying canopy botany and arthropods in last remnants of coastal spruce rainforest. Fieldwork collecting arthropods in treetops and ground levels. Lab work and arthropod archival. Supervision of four interns. Remote area access. At Astoria, Oregon, TNC office, and Oregon State University Arthropod Collection.

Islandwood Experiential Environmental Education
Scientist-in-Residence 2007 Teaching and research outreach at Islandwood Education Centre - schoolchildren’s outdoor education program. Bainbridge Island, USA.

Center for Conservation Biology (Seattle)
Field crew leader 2006 Northern Spotted Owl Research Crew Leader: Led interns in surveying wilderness areas.

International Canopy Network Lab
Metadata consultant 2005 Three-dimensional Tree Structural Metadata Archival: Synthesis and archival of Tasmanian canopy research data and resources. Formal computer database design. Through Evergreen State College, Olympia, USA

US Forest Service (Idaho State Gov’t)
Field technician 2005 Field surveys of endangered wildlife species

Scientific Output

How Tall is The Tallest Flowering Tree (Report) by YD Bar-Ness & Steve Pearce
Outreach Ecology Report Dec18 Detailed report on laser measurements of the tallest known flowering tree Centurion, with the first flowering plant measured over 100 m

Hibaku Witness Trees of Hiroshima by YD Bar-Ness
Outreach Ecology Report Jan15 A report on photospherical documentation of the A-Bombed Trees of Hiroshima

Crown Structure Differences and Dynamics in Eucalyptus Obliqua by YD Bar-Ness
Australian Forestry Journal Jun12 Crown structural research on the Tasmanian Eucalyptus obliqua forest, with 3-dimensional models and detailed architectural data. Published in Australian Forestry Journal

Sampling forest canopy biodiversity with three novel minimal cost trap designs by YD Bar-Ness with McQuillan, Whitman, Junker, Cracknell, Barrows
Aus Journal of Entomology 51 Feb12 Instructions and data for three novel insect traps built with recycled materials, for use in the forest canopy. Published in the Australian Journal of Entomology

Tracing Taxonomic Arcs by YD Bar-Ness
J of Geophytology 41 Dec11 An outreach tool for paleoecologists and taxonomists. Published in Journal of Geophytology

The World's Largest Trees - Cataloguing Indias Giant Banyans by YD Bar-Ness
Outreach Ecology Report Jun10 A writeup of measurements made on Indian Banyans

Arunachala Mountain Photomonitoring Report by YD Bar-Ness
Outreach Ecology Report Jan10 A report detailing a photo-monitoring project for recording conditions on a revegetated Arunachala Mountain, in Tamil Nadu, India

Agumbe Rainforest Research Station Baseline Surveys by YD Bar-Ness
Outreach Ecology Report Jan10 A report produced for Agumbe Rainforest Research Station, Karnataka, India

Cataloging India's Living Tree Heritage by YD Bar-Ness
Outreach Ecology Report Jan10 A report on a heritage catalogue project for notable Indian trees

Landmarking Trees WWF Student Seminar by YD Bar-Ness
Presentation at World Wildlife Fund Delhi 24Jul09 A geography presentation for Delhi students presented at World Wild Fund for Nature WWF-India

Characterization of Biological Diversity in Forest Refugia of Willapa Hills by Davis et al with YD Bar-Ness
Report for The Nature Conservancy Jun09 A report for The Nature Conservancy on the role of forest remnants in conserving biodiversity, in the evergreen coastal rainforests of the northwestern USA

Old growth Islands in an Ocean of Regrowth (Coastal rainforest canopy arthropod study) by YD Bar-Ness
Presentation at 5th Intl Canopy Conference Bangalore Oct09 A presentation about fieldwork in the evergreen coastal rainforests of the northwestern USA, given at the International Canopy Conference, Bangalore, India

Conserving India's Heritage Trees by YD Bar-Ness
Keynote at INTACH Delhi Jul09 A keynote address for a workshop on establishment of a national database and conservation program for heritage trees throughout India, for the Indian National Trust for Arts and Cultural Heritage, Delhi. In press for the Journal of Heritage Studies

Vateria indica Crown Structure Mapping by YD Bar-Ness
Outreach Ecology Report Apr09 A one-page poster and report on a field trip to Uppangala Rainforest, Karnataka, India, with ecologists from the French Institute-Pondicherry

Characterization of Biological Diversity (Poster) by Davis et al with YD Bar-Ness
NW Sci Assn Mtg Mar09 A poster presentation about fieldwork in the evergreen coastal rainforests of the northwestern USA, given at the Northwest Science Conference

Trees Older Than Mountains by YD Bar-Ness
Palaeobotany Conference in Lucknow Nov08 A presentation educational outreach tools for paleobotanists and taxonomists, given at the Birbal Sahni Institute of Paleobotany, Lucknow, India

Age And Distance Effects On Eucalyptus Obliqua Arthropods by YD Bar-Ness with JB Kirkpatrick and PB McQuillan
Forest Ecology and Mgt 26 Jan06 Canopy arthropod biodiversity research in Tasmanian Eucalyptus obliqua forests. Published in Forest Ecology and Management

Crown Structure and Canopy Arthropods of Tasmanian Eucalyptus Obliqua by YD Bar-Ness
Masters Thesis, U of Tasmania Geography and Env Studies Jan05 A multi-year project on the biodiversity structure of Tasmanian Eucalyptus treetops. Presented as a MSc (research) thesis fo the University of Tasmanian School of Geography and Environmental Studies. One of six files

Crown Structural Attributes and Canopy Invertebrate Fauna Of Eucalyptus by YD Bar-Ness
Presentation at Intl Congress of Entomology, Brisbane Aug04 A presentation on canopy arthropods of Tasmanian Eucalyptus trees, at the International Congress of Entomology, Brisbane, Australia

Tiny Animals Titan Trees by YD Bar-Ness
Poster at Invertebrates Conference, Hobart, Australia Oct03 A poster presentation on a pilot study of arthropods in the Tasmanian Eucalyptus forest canopy

Feature Articles (selected)

Witnessing Changes - Tasmanian Bushfires by YD Bar-Ness
Journeys Aug19 Discovering the landscape changes after a massive forest fire event

Challenge of the Rainbow Chaser by YD Bar-Ness
Journeys Aug18 A primer on discovering, predicting, and photographing rainbows

A Rocky Road – Quartzite Mountains by YD Bar-Ness
Journeys Apr18 Discovrering the spectacular quartzite mountain ranges of Southwest Tasmania

The Two Forests of Hollybank by YD Bar-Ness
Journeys Oct17 An introduction to a lovely forest reserve

A MapMaker's Toolkit - Cartographic Details by YD Bar-Ness
Lume Magazine mid17 Discovering the tiny details in a hand-drawn map

The Farthest Corner - A Sea Kayak Expedition by YD Bar-Ness
Wild Magazine Mar17 A kayaking expedition to the far Southwest Wilderness of Tasmania

Land of the Giants - First Full-Length Giant Eucalyptus Portrait Text by YD BarNess & Steve Pearce
Australian Geographic Jan17 How we rigged, climbed, and photographed a giant Eucalyptus tree to create an ultra-high-resolution portrait

Comets As Arks by YD Bar-Ness
Asian Geographic Jul16 Discovering the magic and science of the comets orbiting our solar system

Pangaea - Dance of the Moving Continents by YD Bar-Ness
Asian Geographic Jun16 A description of the supercontinents of ancient Earth

Design Lessons from Tasmanian Giant Trees by YD Bar-Ness
Lume Magazine mid16 Looking for inspiration in the shape of ancient forest trees

A Motorists Guide to Giant Trees of Tasmania by YD Bar-Ness
Journeys Feb16 Where to find accessible giant trees across Tasmania

The Wallace Line - Where Kangaroo Meets Monkey by YD Bar-Ness
Asian Geographic Jan16 Exploring the wildlife boundaries between Asia and Australia

Extreme Desertification - A Quick Guide by YD Bar-Ness
Asian Geographic Aug15 Exploring the deserts of Earth as a growing dynamic system

Ancient Pillars to the Sky (Ancient Cryptomeria Groves of Japan) by YD Bar-Ness
Asian Geographic Jun15 Meeting the ancient Japanese Sugi redwood trees, the YakuSugi, on Yakushima Island in the far south

The Giant Caves of Sarawak by YD Bar-Ness
Jetwings International May15 Discovering some of the largest and most impressive caves on Earth

The Broadest Trees - India’s Superlative Banyan Trees by YD BarNess
What’s Up (International Canopy Network Newsletter) Mar15 Description of the first aerial measurements of the world's broadest trees

Avalanche - A Basic Survival Kit by YD Bar-Ness
Asian Geographic Jan15 How to assess conditions and survive a snow avalanche

Powder Blizzard -Sandstorms by YD Bar-Ness
Asian Geographic Jan15 A distinct and dangerous weather phenomenon described

Hibaku – The A-Bombed Trees of Hiroshima by YD Bar-Ness
Asian Geographic Nov14 Conservation of the surviving Atomic-Bombed Trees of Hiroshima, the Hibaku Jomoku

Vanquishing Humbaba - The Cedar Forests by YD Bar-Ness
Asian Geographic Jun14 This article in Asian Geographic introduces the now-lost forests of the Middle East and the legend of Gilgamesh

India's Superlative Banyan Trees by YD Bar-Ness
Asian Geographic Mar14 A writeup of research on what may be considered the largest trees in the world, with an emphasis on citizen science

Branching Out -A Treetop Memoir by YD Bar-Ness
The Big Issue Mar14 A nice opportunity for a memoir in Australia's street newspaper describing lessons I have learned from forests I've been fortunate to climb into

Appreciating Our Gondwanan Heritage by YD Bar-Ness
Wild Magazine Nov13 An introduction to Australian Southern Hemisphere rainforest

All the World In A Mango Tree by YD Bar-Ness
The Expeditioner Sep13 A travel article- Kallemullah Khan of Lucknow, India, has created a masterpiece by grafting more than three hundred varieties of mango onto a single stem

Safe Arbour (Urban Forest of Fort Cochin) by YD Bar-Ness
Time Out Explorer Mar13 Travel around Fort Cochin scouting for famous trees in a multicultural city in Kerala

Treetop Science and Citizen Science Toolkit by YD Bar-Ness
Asian Geographic Jan13 Science in the treetops and a toolkit for getting involved in canopy research

The Ground On Which We Walk (Australian Granites) by YD Bar-Ness
Wild Magazine Jan13 A geology primer on Australian granites for the bushwalker

On The Big Tree of Life by YD Bar-Ness
Asian Geographic Oct12 Learn about branching patterns in nature and biodiversity in this feature article for Asian Geographic

On The Trail of the Fijian Dakua (Kauri Trees) by YD Bar-Ness
Pacific Airways May12 A travel article in the Fijiian airlines magazine describing our quest for a remarkable tree species

Giant Banyans by YD Bar-Ness
GEO Magazine Mar12 To the best of our knowledge, this article represents the first standardized measurement of the giant banyans, which may be the largest trees in the world, by 2-dimensional area of crown spread

Earth's Fire (Asian Stratovolcanoes) by YD Bar-Ness
Asian Geographic 87 Feb12 A geographical primer on Asian stratovolcanoes

The Forest is a Village by YD Bar-Ness
Down To Earth 14Feb12 A thought experiment comparing forests to a human society

The Language of the Landscape by YD Bar-Ness
Asian Geographic 86 Jan12 A geological literacy article for Asian Geographic Magazine

Trees of the Ramayana by YD Bar-Ness
GEO Magazine Oct11 Sidebar detailing some of the living trees linked to the Indian epic Ramayana

Sacred Trees of Western India by YD Bar-Ness
Gonomad Sep10 A travel article for those who would explore the famous and significant trees of Western India

The Evergreen Emeralds (Pacific N. American Rainforests) by YD Bar-Ness
Jetwings International Aug10 In Jetwings Magazine: a travel article on the coastal rainforests of the Pacific Northwestern USA

Hunting Trees In India by YD Bar-Ness
Matador Jul10 Outreach efforts and media exposure for Landmark Trees of India, an environmental education geography project

The Kabir Tree (Giant Banyan of India) by YD Bar-Ness
Outlook Traveller Jan10 A travel article on Kabir's Vad, a giant banyan tree growing on an island in the Narmada River, western India. Published in Outlook Traveller Magazine

Travel Around the World With India's Trees by YD Bar-Ness
Panda Magazine WWF Apr09 An outreach article aimed at Indian schoolchildren encouraging them to recognize the diverse nationalities of urban trees

Report From the Canopy Down Under by YD Bar-Ness
What’s Up (International Canopy Network Newsletter) Fall03 Updates on scientific work in the forest treetops, for the International Canopy Network's Newsletter- What's Up

Outreach Ecology Books & Resources

Earth Science, Astronomy, and Space – Geology Textbook by YD Bar-Ness, with Tiefholz, Osman
Asian Geographic Feb15 A geology textbook for secondary school students (primary author)

Conservation of Indian Heritage Trees (Monograph) by YD Bar-Ness
Journal of Heritage Studies Apr13 An article on establishment of a national database and conservation program for heritage trees throughout India, for the Indian National Trust for Arts and Cultural Heritage, Delhi. In press for the Journal of Heritage Studies

How Tall Is the Tallest Flowering Tree? by YD Bar-Ness & Steve Pearce
www.giant-trees.com Feb19 A photo-illustrated summary of the first laser measurements conducted of any Southern Hemisphere tree over 100m

Trail Map - Walking With Trees by YD Bar-Ness
Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens Feb14 A citizen science walk that will guide you to QR coded significant trees throughout the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens in Hobart

Trees as Ambassadors (Poster Map) by YD Bar-Ness
World Wildlife Fund Jan10 A collaborative poster-map showing some of India's most remarkable trees, published by World Wild Fund for Nature WWF-India

Media Appearances & Contributions (selected)

The White Knights - (Eucalyptus viminalis) by Steve Pearce (The Tree Projects)
for Eucalypt Australia Mar19 On-camera contributions to Eucalypt Australia documentary film

Tallest Tree Survives Forest Inferno by Matthew Denholm
The Australian Newspaper Feb19 Newspaper piece describing the scorching of the world's tallest flowering plant

Tall Tree Centurion passes 100-metre mark by Georgie Burgess
ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Dec18 ABC news piece heralding the first lasermeasurements of a flowering plant over 100m

Treehouse Challenge by Andrew Hughes, Expedition Class
The Mercury Oct17 Overview of an Expedition Class linking up with students from Tasmanian Treetops

The Biggest Tree Canopy on the Planet Stretches Across Nearly Five Acres by Ben Crair
Smithsonian Apr17 Science-travel article on the broadest tree in the world

The Fig and the Wasp (World’s Broadest Trees) by Ben Crair
Smithsonian Magazine Apr17 Science-travel article on the broadest tree in the world

Lifting a Veil from Towering Sentinels of a Lost Age by Matthew Denholm (Technical Rigging)
The Australian Feb17 Profile of forest conservation efforts in major Australian newspapers (technical ropework assistance)

Photographing one of the world's tallest trees in Tasmania's Styx Valley by Carol Raabus
ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Jan17 Feature article on ABC news on the Tasmanian Tree Project

We Spent 67 Days Photographing One of the World's Tallest Trees by Steve Pearce (The Tree Projects)
Petapixel Jan17 Ultra-high resolution photography site feature article on the Tasmanian Tree Project

Tasmanian Tree Project Film by Steve Pearce (The Tree Projects)
Australian Geographic online Jan17 On-camera contributions to video distributed by Australian Geographic

In Pictures -Photographing Australia’s tallest trees Photos by Steve Pearce
BBC News Jan17 Featured on BBC News Front Page - giant tree photography project

Tasmanian Tree Projects - an intimate portrait from an impossible perspective Photos by Steve Pearce
The Guardian Jan17 Photogaphy of giant trees in the Guardian online

Giant Tree Museum Exhibit (Photography by The Tree Projects) Captions by YD Bar-Ness
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery Dec16 Captions accompanying photographs of a giant tree photography project at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Tasmania - Saving the Last Giants (Documentary Film) (Technical Rigging)- Produced by ARTE France
French TV Documentary Nov16 Award-winning French nature documentary on Tasmanian Forests (technical rigging assistance)

Great Nature: Tasmania (Flagship nature documentary By NHK Japan Public Broadcaster
Great Nature Nov13 It was a great honour to contribute to the flagship nature program, Great Nature, of the Japanese public television network NHK as a presenter introducing the treetop environment of the Eucalyptus regnans of Tasmania

High Achiever - Tree Climber Branches Out by Tim Martain
The Mercury Saturday Magazine Aug13 A very nice profile of previous work and biography.

The Largest Banyan Tree of Kota Kinabalu by Murphy
At MySabah website (Borneo) Nov12 A local writer in Sabah, Borneo, follows up on the Largest Tree of KK poster

Lucknow's Immortal Banyan Tree by Sahastra Rashmi
Green Ogre June12 A followup to the giant banyans measurement efforts

Arboreal Wonders by Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed
Frontline Jun12 An article in a major Indian newsweekly following up on the measurement of the giant banyans of India- perhaps the largest trees in the world.

Vattakanal Conservation Trust Botanical Note by Bob Stewart & Tanya Balcar
Report Nov11 An update from the dedicated botanical conservationists near the Tamil Nadu hill town of Kodaikanal, recounting a visit during the Landmark Trees of India project

Asialink Literacy Ambassador Profiles by YD Bar-Ness
Asialink Melbourne Oct11 Profile page for Asia Literacy Ambassadors programme, via Asialink at University of Melbourne

Documenting Trees Through Photographs by Parth Joshi
Youth Leader Magazine Aug10 Outreach efforts and media exposure for Landmark Trees of India, an environmental education geography project

A Tree to Tale by Harshita Soni
Down To Earth Apr10 Outreach efforts and media exposure for Landmark Trees of India, an environmental education geography project

Nature's Landmarks by Shalini Shah
The Hindu 30Apr10 India-wide newspaper exposure for Landmark Trees of India, an environmental education geography project

Mission Green - Spotting Landmark Trees by Ayesha Arvind and Mandakini Gahlot
The Indian Express Newspaper 25Jul09 Outreach efforts and media exposure for Landmark Trees of India, an environmental education geography project

Tale From the Treetop by Proyashi Barua
Times Of India Apr09 India-wide newspaper exposure for Landmark Trees of India, an environmental education geography project

Live Previews- Landmark Trees of India by Radhika Arora
Time Out Delhi Mar09 Outreach efforts and media exposure for Landmark Trees of India, an environmental education geography project

Climbing TreeTops - A Cultural Endeavor by V Mudaliar
Indian Fulbrighter Newsletter 26Feb09 Outreach efforts and media exposure for Landmark Trees of India, an environmental education geography project

Finding Old Tree Tops by Clair Mcdougall
Indian Express Delhi 13Apr08 Outreach efforts and media exposure for Landmark Trees of India, an environmental education geography project

Life at All Levels (Project Profile) by TNC-WA
The Nature Conservancy WA Magazine Sep07 A writeup of fieldwork for The Nature Conservancy, climbing trees in the evergreen coastal rainforests of the northwestern USA

Of Bugs and Branches by YD Bar-Ness
Report for Australian Geographic May05 A report prepared for Australian Geographic following field ecology research in the Tasmanian Treetops

Ground Breaking Research (Tasmanian Canopy Biodiversity Research)
Australian Geographic 70 Jun03 A short profile detailing Australian Geographic-sponsored work in Tasmania


Conducted first laser measurements >100m of any Eucalyptus,
flowering plant, non-redwood, or Southern Hemisphere tree.

US-India Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship: Landmark Trees.

First specialist Tasmanian Giant Eucalyptus tourism operator: Giant Tree Expeditions.

First on-ropes study of Eucalyptus tree canopy arthropod biodiversity & branching structure (MScResearch).

Twenty years experience studying notable trees in Asia, North America, Australia, Pacific Islands,
special interests in Thuja, Cryptomeria, Agathis, Araucaria, Cedrus, and Eucalyptus.

First national-level documentation of Indian significant trees - 26,000 km of travel,
deliverable outputs across various national media

First spherical VR video in Eucalyptus treetops

Japanese National Broadcaster- flagship nature documentary Great Nature -
On-camera interpretation of Eucalyptus forests

Founding Editor of Tasmanian Geographic

First aerial measurements of Earth's broadest trees - Indian banyans.

Contributor to first ultra-high-resolution portrait photograph of giant E. regnans –w/ The Tree Projects

The Nature Conservancy – Forest canopy biodiversity project coordinator

World Wildlife Fund (India) - developed Landmark tree student activities

Plant Hunter website: Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens:
botanical careers, virtual reality, film clips, heritage tree maps.

First VR photography project of the Hibaku Trees: Hiroshima A-Bomb Survivors

Media appearances/contributions including BBC, ABC, Guardian, Smithsonian Magazine,
Time Out, GEO Qantas Magazine, Smithsonian Museum.